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Wholesale Bulk Pet Supplies for Professional Groomers - How to Get Started with Smiley Dog!

Our natural/organic Smiley Dog coat care range is Australian made and certified, and we serve over 800 professional groomers across the nation. Our bulk dog grooming products include everything you need for a cleaner, healthier dog. Stock up on Smiley Dog bulk dog colognes; they’re the perfect finishing touch to ensure happy clients and an aromatic finish which lasts for up to 4 days on the coat!


Buy your wholesale bulk pet supplies today or visit our Testimonials page to learn more.

Sample Packs: 3 popular Organic Extract/Natural Shampoos, 1 Conditioner and 3 Long Lasting Colognes with a Product Guide for Groomers

$25 incl. GST and delivery anywhere in Australia

Starter Packs: 4 Organic Extract/Natural Shampoos, 2 Conditioners, 4 Long Lasting Colognes and 1 Natural De-tangler $117.50 + GST

Freight free anywhere in Australia

First Order Discount

10% off your first order can be applied when ordering direct from our office. There’s no minimum order quantity, and this applies to all products, including bulk dog coat gloss, de-tangler sprays, and bulk dog colognes.

Register to order online or call the Smiley Dog office on +61 3 9580 3005 - 10 am to 3:30 pm weekdays

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, helpful company and we’re here to help you make your selection, and answer any queries you may have. Buy wholesale pet supplies today or contact us to enquire about bulk dog colognes, bulk dog coat gloss sprays, conditioners, and other products.


Wholesale Pet Grooming Supplies for Pet Shop Retailers – How to Get Started with Smiley Dog!

Our Smiley Dog coat care range is made in Australia and is the preferred choice in many retail stores across the country. When you choose to buy bulk dog grooming products from us, you can be assured that you are offering the very best natural/organic extract coat care products to your customers. Shop our range of bulk dog shampoo for an extensive variety of blends.

Go to our Testimonials page to learn more or contact us to discuss wholesale pet grooming supplies for pet shop retailers.


Unique, attractive Counter Top or Floor Product Display packages available*


First Order Discount

10% off your first order can be applied when ordering direct from our office

Register to order wholesale bulk pet products online or call the Smiley Dog office on +61 3 9580 3005 - 10 am to 3.30 pm weekdays

Customer Service

We’re committed to offering leading customer service, so simply get in touch with any enquiries.


Try a Sample pack valued at $19.36

Order a selection of sample-sized products (125ml shampoo and conditioner, 30ml cologne and de-tangler) and try Smiley Dog before investing in full-size bottles and bulk dog grooming products. You can be sure you’ll love your purchase of wholesale pet grooming supplies when you partner with Smiley Dog.

Included are:

  • Organic Witch Hazel and Strawberry Shampoo 
  • Organic Chamomile and Lavender Shampoo 
  • Natural Pacific Island Coconut Shampoo
  • 3 matching Aqua Colognes 
  • Coconut Conditioner
  • Silicone-free de-tangler spray 
  • Giveaway Smiley Dog Product Chart

Freight is charged at a flat rate of $25 anywhere in Australia

Note: Shampoo samples are 125ml and make 500ml or more product to use


Try a handy Starter pack valued at $117.50+GST (with free freight anywhere in Australia)

Order a selection of Shampoo 500ml sized products and other items, so you can try Smiley Dog before investing in full-size bottles.

Included are:

  • 500ml Organic Witch Hazel and Strawberry Shampoo
  • 500ml Organic Chamomile and Lavender Shampoo
  • 500ml Natural Goats Milk with Vanilla Shampoo
  • 500ml Natural Pacific Island Coconut Shampoo
  • 125ml x 4 matching Aqua Colognes
  • 250ml Natural Goats Milk with Vanilla Conditioner
  • 250ml Organic Witch Hazel and Strawberry Conditioner
  • 250ml x 1 Silicone-free de-tangler spray
  • Freight charged at cost to your area

Note: Shampoo samples are 500ml and make 2ltr or more product to use


First order - 10% discount

  • A 10% discount will be applied to your invoice
  • Payment online, cc or EFT before despatch
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Freight is charged at cost best quote on the day of shipping and confirmed before despatch


Dog Shampoo to Bulk Buy, Made in Australia

We believe that dogs, puppies, and pets all over Australia deserve only natural, safe and high-quality products for their skin and fur. We also believe that groomers, vets and retailers shouldn’t have to pay over-the-odds for access to such products for their clients’ favourite furry friends.

Smiley Dog is committed to supporting those businesses that care about animals, and we want to help them to grow and keep dogs happy and healthy. Our gentle, concentrated shampoos were formulated to go the distance and last longer than other products you’ll find on the market. A little bit of Smiley Dog really does go a long way! When you purchase our dog shampoo and other wholesale pet grooming supplies, your Australian businesses can save time and money.

We like to say “thank you” to our loyal customers for your continued use and trust in our wholesale organic dog shampoo and other products. Simply log into your online portal or create an account for amazing savings on the natural products your customers prefer.


Businesses that Care Can Now Bulk Buy Dog Shampoo from Smiley Dog


Wholesale Pet Grooming Supplies and Pet-Safe Products

The Smiley Dog team offers a wide range of wholesale pet grooming supplies for retail stores and pet groomers. Whether you’re looking for specialised shampoos, coat glossing products, or everyday conditioners, our team can supply high-quality, pet-safe products for you. Purchase a sample now or get started with buying wholesale pet grooming supplies from our team.


Long Lasting Dog Cologne at Wholesale Prices

As part of our range of wholesale pet grooming supplies, the Smiley Dog team proudly offers pet cologne and dog cologne at wholesale prices. Our all-natural aromatic products are made to last longer, persisting on your furry friend’s coat for up to 4 weeks without ever drowning them in an overpowering scent.


Buy Wholesale Pet Supplies

No matter what you are looking for, you can find and buy wholesale pet supplies including colognes, shampoos, and detangling products from our team. Whether you’re a retail pet store owner, a professional groomer, or another pet care professional, you can give your clients and their furry friends the products they demand and deserve. To buy wholesale pet supplies online, get started with our team now.


Maximise Sales with a High-quality Floor Display Unit for Your Wholesale Bulk Pet Supplies!

Easily restock with 80 natural/organic products!

Fill your shelves with wholesale bulk pet products. The following pack is ideal for retailers and costs $846+GST:

  • 28 x 250ml Shampoo (8 types)
  • 22 x 500ml Shampoo (8 types)
  • 12 x 250ml Conditioners (6 types)
  • 12 x 500ml Conditioners (6 types)
  • 2 x 250ml de-tangler Spray
  • 2 x 250ml Coat Gloss Spray
  • 40 x 125ml Aqua Colognes (6 types)
  • 8 x FREE 30 ml Testers
  • Floor Stand (12-month contract)
  • Dimensions 550mm x 340mm x 1600mm

Customer Support

  • 4-6 weekly visits by Sales staff visits to assist retailers to achieve 4 x Stock turnover per/year
  • Posters, stickers, shelf strips
  • Product labels SHOW Australia made logo
  • NEW! 20cm Plush Smiley Dog Mascot Toys!

Enquire with our Sales Agent/Distributor in your area




You’re in the business of making sure that every dog that bounces through your door leaves looking shiny, healthy and clean. That’s why Smiley Dog could be just the right wholesale partner for you. You can access quality wholesale pet grooming supplies through our team, including coat gloss, de-tangler sprays, shampoos, and more. Smiley Dog products are formulated with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients as well as essential oils and fragrances which enrich the skin and coat. Our products are irritation-free for your hands, even when you spend the entire day washing and lathering. Our products are pet-safe, very gentle and give an effective, premium quality wash - for all breeds of dog, including those with sensitivity issues. Groomers are offered excellent value with significant savings on 5ltr and 20ltr sizes.


We make it easy for retailers to continue to grow and provide leading dog care products which are attractive and provide the best value for their customers. Smiley Dog is available for staff training and regular product information to ensure your team is knowledgeable in the Smiley Dog products you sell. We also assist with marketing materials, product posters, and natural wood/acrylic floor displays, sample packs and free testers to engage your customers in a fresh and informative way.

Register for Wholesale Dog Shampoo in Australia

Our natural and organic extract products are appreciated and trusted by pet owners, groomers, vets and retailers - all over Australia! We offer premium, safe products for dogs (including pet-safe shampoos for cats) and we’re passing on huge savings to businesses that care about the wellness of their four-legged customers We’re offering 10% off your first order, so create an account today and see the benefits it will offer your business, its customers, and their lovable pets. Buy wholesale pet supplies and bulk dog grooming products through Smiley Dog today!