We value their health and well-being just as they value our friendship.

Your four-legged friend deserves the very best, and at Smiley Dog, that's exactly what we strive to provide for you. We are Australia’s home of natural and organic dog grooming products and dog care products.

Explore our full range of dog grooming supplies in Australia or shop online for the other organic dog supplies you need.


Reliable and Effective Dog Grooming Products

Keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and looking great with the Smiley Dog range of dog grooming products.

You can shop for our range of dog grooming products online, including natural de-tanglers, aqua colognes, and coat care products.

Our de-tanglers are designed to untangle and even the toughest knots and most matted fur, leaving your special friend with clean, neat fur and a subtle, uplifting fragrance.

Each of our pet colognes is made with certified organic extracts and is designed to last on the fur for up to four weeks without overwhelming you or your dog with an excessively strong scent.

Our dog grooming products also include organic, pet-friendly coat sprays for a smooth, glossy finish.


A Wide Range of Proven Dog Care Products

Smiley Dog also offers a wide range of other dog care products, including natural treats, natural medicines, and even gift packs.

Treat your best friend to 100% Australian prime beef liver or chicken treats, or try Rose-Hip Vital® Canine for active and ageing dogs. This natural supplement contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, and may assist in improving your pet’s wellbeing and joint health.

Our gift and travel packs range from air fresheners to gift packs featuring our dog grooming and dog care products.


Shampoos, Conditioners, and Dog Spa Products

The grooming and care supplies available from Smiley Dog also extend to dog spa products, such as:

  • Specialised shampoos for sensitive dogs
  • Soap-free and natural everyday shampoos
  • Organic and everyday conditioners
  • And much more

Treat your fluffy friends with our natural and organic dog spa products, all manufactured right here in Australia.


We Pride Ourselves on Providing Organic Dog Supplies

All of the products in the Smiley Dog range are proudly natural, organic, and pet-safe certified. Manufactured to be reliable, effective, and long-lasting, our organic dog supplies are trusted by groomers, retail pet stores, veterinary and pet care professionals, pet owners, and of course, our four-legged clients.


Buy Your Dog Grooming Products Online Today

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