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Dog Conditioners

If you want your four-legged friend to look and feel their best, choose the range of grooming and care products available from Smiley Dog. Our gentle yet effective dog conditioners will put an end to bad fur days and are packed with a range of natural ingredients that you and your pets will love.

No matter what kind of coat your dog has, whether they suffer with itchy skin, allergies, or flea problems, Smiley Dog has a conditioner for you.

Explore our range of itch-free, non-irritating dog conditioners and enhance your dog’s health on the inside and out.


View Our Range of All Natural Pet Conditioners

The Smiley Dog team produces a range of Rich Everyday Pet Conditioners, Organic Extract Conditioners, and other Natural Dog Conditioners.

The products available for you and your pup can recondition their dry skin, provide a soft, silky finish for their coat, and provide a range of pleasant yet subtle aromas. Your four-legged friend will love bath-time with the Smiley Dog range of pet conditioners, which include:

  • Goat’s Milk and Vanilla Conditioners
  • Organic Rosehips and Mango Conditioners
  • Organic Chamomile & Lavender Conditioners
  • Organic Witch Hazel and Strawberry Conditioners
  • Apple and Lemon Grass Conditioners
  • Pacific Island Coconut Conditioners


The Perfect Dog Grooming Conditioner

Smiley Dog’s pet conditioners are perfect for all your grooming needs. Whether you’re grooming your fluffy friend at home or offering professional dog grooming services, both fur babies and their parents love the results you get with a Smiley Dog conditioner.

Our products make for the perfect dog grooming conditioners due to their specially formulated blend of organic products, which assist pups with dry skin and dull coats. Try our dog grooming conditioners today for a soft and silky finish for your dog.


All Natural Dog Conditioners for Personal or Wholesale Use

As well as dog groomers, our pet conditioners are trusted and chosen by a range of other professionals. This includes retail pet stores and other veterinary and pet care specialists. Made in Australia and developed by experts with more than 30 years of experience, our conditioners are trusted by more than 800 groomers and a range of other professionals. Contact us today to discuss wholesale opportunities or find out more about our wholesale prices now.

Alternatively, you can simply buy the shampoo, conditioner, and dog grooming products that you need for your four-legged friend.


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View our full range of grooming products and dog shampoos online and shop online for the organic, gentle, and effective products you need. To make an enquiry, a special request, or to ask a question, simply get in touch today.