How Frequently Should I Bathe My Dog?

Are you concerned about your dog? Are they starting to smell bad? You might also notice that their smooth coat turns coarse, making you question your dog’s overall health and hygiene.

Not to worry! We are responsible for looking after funny odours and dull coats. In order to manage this, it’s beneficial for you to be aware of how frequently you should wash your dog with pet shampoos.

Frequency Of Washing Dogs Dependent On Several Factors

There are several factors to consider when determining how often your dog needs to be showered with appropriate products. Some dogs collect more faeces in their fur than others when they play outside. That’s why it’s pivotal to establish specific bathing schedules for each individual dog. The dog’s fur type, skin type, health condition and breeding time determine this.

In warmer weather, there’s a tendency for skin problems in pets to arise. Breeds that have dense undercoats require frequent showers compared to dogs with shorter hair and sensitive skin. With sufficient bathing, these baths can get rid of sycophants, whilst soothing rashes or other dry skin problems.

Your dog’s lifestyle also shapes how frequently they should be washed.

Those with excessive oil on their skin coat need a complete shower once a week. However, dogs with water-resistant coats should be brushed well and bathed less. Avoid over-bathing, as the soap will absorb the natural oil that protects their skins from over-drying.

Double-coat breeds need to be brushed frequently, as it will distribute the natural oil all over the skin and keep it healthy and refreshed.

How to Bathe a Dog?

Brush – Brushing your dog all throughout will remove excess oil, fur, dirt, and loose patches of fur. Brushing also removes knots from overcoats that hold water and irritate dogs. You can buy brushes from pet products wholesale stores.  

Bathe with warm water – Excessive heat is not suitable for a dog's skin and could make your dog uncomfortable. Resort to lukewarm water as a safe option for most pets.

Rinse them from head to toe – after washing with pet shampoo, ensure that you rinse all the applied shampoos otherwise residue can dry their skin.

Towel to pat dry – if you use a hairdryer, know if your dog actually enjoys it as their skin may burn due to overheating. A towel is a better alternative to pat your dog down with to dry.


Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo is an Essential Factor!

You have to remember one thing; there is no such dog shampoo that is suitable to every pet. It is important to remember that dogs with normal skin types need natural dog shampoo that are gentle and mild on the skin. Natural shampoos are also protective and not harmful to dog’s eyes and coats. These types of shampoos are available in any pet products outlets.

On the other hand, if your dog tends to have an oily coat, a stronger shampoo is recommended for their skin and hair wash. Flea and tick shampoos are perfect for dogs with oily skin, as they protect them from bacteria and pests. In this case, it is pivotal you wash your dog frequently.

Some dogs with sensitive skin require a shower with only water. After a bath, they need to be rinsed and dried with a towel. This process helps to remove excess oil from coats and foul odour.


It’s important to bathe your pet frequently according to their liking and need, noting their skin type, fur type and coat. Last but not least, happy splashing!