A Guide On Benefits of Using Natural Grooming Products for Pets

You undoubtedly want to provide your pet with a smooth, lustrous, and fragranced coat, but at what cost? Just because a company labels their product as “natural” or “chemical-free” does not guarantee that it fits the standards. The majority of commercial dog grooming supplies in Australia, such as shampoos and conditioners, contain a high concentration of potentially hazardous ingredients. While these solutions provide immediate results, they may be detrimental to your pet in the long-term.

It might be tough to find the proper natural product for your pet. Smiley dog prioritises the health of the animals and their owners. Because every dog's skin and needs are different, there are several items to choose from that we believe would be ideal for your pet. But if you are not sure why you use natural grooming supplies in Australia for your pet read ahead!.

Benefits Of Using Natural Grooming Products

Impactful Skin And Coat Care

Understanding what is necessary to develop good pet grooming products and then discovering natural and non-toxic alternatives to the chemicals widely utilised elsewhere in the business is the key.

For example, silicones are used to provide fake smoothness and gloss to the hair follicle. A chemical produced from Guar beans is a natural, extremely safe, and non-irritant hair conditioning product that can be used instead of silicones. We can use mild washing agents generated from natural ingredients like coconut oil and fruit sugars instead of sulphates, which remove the natural oils from the coat.

Once properly synthesised and produced, these natural substances outperform their chemical counterparts.

Reduced Risk Of Skin Irritation

Every day, our dogs are exposed to possible skin irritants, whether at home or in the neighbourhood. Examples include traffic-related air pollution and household cleaning chemicals. Chemical-based shampoos and conditioners contribute to this toxic overload by frequently producing dry, irritated skin, which can lead to long-term skin disorders including allergies and dermatitis.

Using a natural pet product will help limit your dog's exposure to hazardous chemicals as well as the damage caused by other unavoidable pollutants in their everyday life. Natural dog shampoos provide a gentle cleaning action that removes dirt, pollutants, and allergies from the skin without stripping the coat of its healthy oils.

Reduced Chemical Exposure

You won't have to worry about exposing your pet to hazardous chemicals if you use the certified natural organic shampoo and conditioner of Smiley Dog. Bathing your dog exposes the skin and coat to substances that enter the bloodstream! Once absorbed into the body, these substances can create serious long-term health problems that may not emerge for some time. Substances such as parabens are retained by the body and accumulate over time in what is known as a cumulative impact.

Immunity boost

Did you know that the skin is the body's biggest organ? This essential organ performs a variety of activities, including heat regulation and damage protection. Your dog's skin, like ours, plays an important part in immunity by acting as a natural barrier to viruses and infections. Chemical-based shampoos and conditioners harm this important barrier, possibly exposing your pet to germs that cause skin illness or other diseases. You are protecting and boosting your pet's natural immune system by utilising natural and organic dog shampoos and conditioners.

Here at Smiley Dog, we provide not only the best shampoo and conditioner but also all grooming products in general, so you will never have to look for 100% Australian-made pet products wholesale again.

Our dog grooming products are pH balanced and designed for all dogs, and they will not strip your dog's coat of natural oils and sebum. Our components are carefully chosen for their health benefits for both dogs and humans.