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Dog Colognes

Keep your furry friend free from wet coat smells and other unpleasant odours with the range of dog colognes available from Smiley Dog. Natural, organic, Australian made and pet-safe, our pet colognes are made with certified organic extracts that will leave your pet smelling and feeling great.

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Propellant-Free Pet Colognes That Last for Weeks!

Your dog is a bundle of energy! They love running around and rolling in the grass, but they’re not great at keeping themselves clean. The pet colognes from Smiley Dog have been formulated to keep up with even the most active pet.

Unlike some pet colognes, our aromatic products can last on the fur for up to four weeks, giving your dog a natural and pleasant scent. The dog colognes available from Smiley Dog will mask unpleasant smells without drowning your pet in an overpowering scent.


Natural and Organic Dog Colognes Trusted by Australian Groomers

Choose from a wide range of biodegradable dog colognes made with certified organic extracts including rosehip, oatmeal, chamomile, and witch hazel. Enjoy aromatic fragrances such as strawberry, coconut, vanilla, lemongrass and apple.

With a wide range of organic, pleasant colognes available, it’s no wonder Smiley Dog is trusted by more than 800 professional groomers across Australia.


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